The treasury of the Beotians

20) Treasury of the Beotians

Period: 6th century B.C.

The Treasure was perhaps the oldest of all the treasuries found at Delphi. It was built before 548 B.C. with material that pilgrims carried to Delphi from Boeotia.

On the south side of the building, there is a stone with the name of the person who transferred it engraved in boustrophedon * style.

Boustrophedon: is a style of writing in which alternate lines of writing are reversed, with letters also written in reverse, mirror-style. This is in contrast to modern European languages, where lines always begin on the same side, usually the left. From Greek word "vodi" (βόδι), which means “ox,” and strofos (στροφος), which means “turn.” The ox turns — as in plowing a field.

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