Delphi - the omphalos - navel stone

21) The omphalos - navel stone

Period: 6th century B.C.

This navel-stone, conically carved, without any engraved jewelry, resembles the sacred worshipped stones that were found in Delphi. However, it seems that it does not come from the older worship period associated with the myth of the center of the world in Delphi.

The Omfalos. View from the North with mount Kirfi in the background.

In ancient Greek history and mythology, Delphi was referred to as the geographical center of the world, its navel (in Greek "ομφαλός" / omfalos). According to the ancient Greek myth, Zeus set two eagles free to find the center of the world. They soared through the skies westward and eastward and their paths crossed in Delphi. The Omfalos was the exact point where Zeus' eagles meet.

Another navel-stone, with engraved jewels, has been transferred and is exhibed in the lobby-hall of the Delphi Archaeological Museum .

The Omfalos exposed at the Archaeological Museum of Delphi

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